PRESS RELEASE - Creative Sound Experiment (CSE)

27 March 2018

Written by Norman Cristina
CSE (Creative Sound Experiment)
This is an open class in which people with as many different types of instruments as possible and voices come together in a relaxed and informal environment and make "music" in a very non-academic way. I draw on my years of experience in music, music-teaching and my training in music and movement/dance, to deliver the content. I also use techniques I learnt from my involvement with the Arts Council project of the Citizens Orchestra and the Valletta 2018 Foundation project Mewga Muzika.
The Facebook page for this project is here: 
And the registration form is here:
The project is at the stage where interest is being registered and critical data is being collected. In today's super busy life, people have multiple commitments and appointments. So rather than impose a day and time myself when to hold sessions, I'm asking the participants themselves when and what is best for them!
CSE sessions will then be held on the highest preferred day / time combination, learnt from the registration forms filled. Even though sessions might start, this data will keep being collected on a continuous basis so as to always have a live update of this critical information. More sessions can happen on days/times when most people can make it. 
Besides an open call to the general public, I also have availability to do groups and am interested in specific groups / communities / situations such as disability, NGOs, place of work, common cause / students etc since the work has very strong effects on group dynamics, team-building, people skills and more.
The public is invited to constantly SHARE the information and registration form with people, so that more and more updated information can be used to serve as many people as possible. Also, in my search to serve groups and niches.
Who is behind CSE ?
Norman Cristina
B. Ed. (Hons.) Music and E. M. Y. 
Government Representative of the MSA (Malta Society of Arts)
With years and years of experience in:-
Music playing (piano, keyboards, percussion) and in various styles of music (Irish, 60s, Blues, Jazz and other genres),
Music teaching,
Drama teaching 
Music & Dance Education: Orff Schulwerk (Salzburg, Austria)....
...found a way to make music and it's skills and techniques available to the masses in a ways that is highly accessible and easy for practically everyone to enjoy.
Why CSE ?
The aim behind CSE is to inspire non-musicians as well as musicians to engage in group / community music-making activities without the need to know music, technically.
No background knowledge is required to participate.
Not even an "official" musical instrument, unless desired!
Participants are even allowed and  encouraged to create new instruments and therefore CSE can serve as a platform to experiment with new sounds.
Use of body percussion (e.g. Clapping, Stamping, Patting, Finger-Snapping and similar) is encouraged.
The human voice is another section to add to the mix, but not in the usual choral attitude.... with the whole project, the "collective sound" is central to me focus.
Deeper Than The Surface
Besides the above benefits, CSE (& anything musical, really) has much deeper and more powerful implications upon life in general...
....listening skills
....relationship skills dynamics 
And so much more.
The effects on life ... the development of industry, enterprise, as well as families, communities and society at large are as immeasurable as they are priceless!
Besides the more focused and specific addressing of these issues, perhaps with a more directed attention within specific groups of all sorts, any general session is full of these elements.
Thank you.
Yours Musically,
Norman Cristina