PRESS RELEASE - Resilient Communities Final Conference

26 June 2019

Written by SOS Malta

Press Release


Resilient Communities

Final Conference

Exploring Cross-Sectoral Collaboration for the SDGs.


On Friday 28th of December, SOS Malta and the CORE Platform will be holding the Final Conference of ‘Resilient Communities’, a project, co- funded by the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.


The project was created in response to the global call for action to address Climate Change, Poverty and Inequalities through 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is underpinned by SDG17 – Strengthened partnerships, built on the belief that business, local governments and civil society all have a role to play and can work together towards the achievement of the Goals.  Furthermore, the project considered the pivotal role that businesses could play in complementing ongoing and new local efforts towards establishing a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable society. 


As illustrated by the Resilient Communities research undertaken by Misco, the main challenge for businesses in engaging in this process is a lack of knowledge around the concept sustainability and the SDGs. The ‘Resilient Communities’ project sought to overcome this hurdle by launching the resilient communities hub – a platform to learn, exchange and collaborate as well as the #whatroledoyouplay awareness raising campaign. 


In parallel to this process, Resilient Communities sought to engage local actors in constructive dialogue by creating a space to network and develop ideas for action at community level in the localities of Mellieha and Gzira. This process culminated in the development of collaborative sustainable action plans for the respective communities which could be used as a basis for further collaborations in the future.


The final conference will be used as an occasion to present the findings of the project, reflect on lessons learnt and hold a panel discussion to discuss further ways of facilitating collaboration amongst the different sectors at community level for the SDGs with a specific look at how to engage business within their respective localities.


We invite you all to attend our conference on the 28 June, if this is of interest.


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