JAYE Malta - L4D Testimonial

19 July 2019

Written by JAYE Malta

Testimonial - QP

Here at QP, we give considerable value to the young technical, entrepreneurial and creative minds of our company grassroots.  Given our broad interest in design, engineering and management within the building industry, both locally and internationally, we consider coaching and mentoring as an essential ingredient in our petri dish of company research, development, innovation and creativity.  QP has participated in JAYE’s Leaders for a Day initiative with great interest and motivation.  I, myself, have had young hopefuls follow me in my day of many details.  I enjoyed explaining what it is that I do, why I do it and how I get it done.  I was super-delighted to note the interest, curiosity and ambition of this younger generation through the appreciation of this experience and understood the take-home value that such an opportunity brings about.  If we truly believe and understand that the leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow are with us today, then the JAYE Leaders for a Day is a truly valuable initiative that befits both parties.  I strongly believe in this philosophy and that is why I look forward to participate in the next such event organized by JAYE.

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