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Eco Market Malta | #whatroledoyouPlay

Have you heard?

There’s a different type of market coming to town….

We recently got in touch with Zen D’Amato Gautum to get an insight into a new initiative about to grace the local scene – the Eco Market Malta. The idea behind this market is to bring creative, local and environmental brands under one roof – a place where conscious consumerism and responsible business meet.

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Tell us a little more about your initiative...

The Eco Market Malta will be a monthly event bringing together creators and doers who go the extra mile to bring to the local market products that are eco-friendly and practices that are responsible and considerate of their impact on the local context. Apart from market stalls, there will also be a number of educational workshops and talks aimed at motivating people to shift to a more sustainable lifestyle.


What inspired you to do this?

I am personally driven by the desire to be a good role model for my children as well as the want to leave a cleaner planet for them and all future generations. This has led me towards learning and following a more sustainable lifestyle.


How will this initiative contribute to realizing the 5 Ps for the Sustainable Development Goals?

Well, Partnership is a driving force behind this initiative   - We are firm believers in collaboration and the benefits of bringing the various initiatives, knowledge and expertise of those pushing for a better Malta into one space.  We have joined forces with several NGOs, non-profits, and social enterprises, offering them free space at the markets from where they will set up an info booth and hold workshops and talks.

We also wanted to create a space for local artisans and small enterprises to display their work and offer them a potential for growth, whilst circulating the economy within the community encouraging Prosperity for all.

Leaving behind a better Planet is another major driving force behind the concept - the market will operate a 100% ban on single use plastics, offer free filtered water and promote only earth-friendly products, sustainable packaging, and responsible businesses who prioritize the planet over profit. It is a non-judgemental safe space for people to come over, learn, share and enjoy.


If there was one message you could pass on to the local community to other businesses/enterprises what would it be?  

Without environmental sustainability, nothing else really matters. If there is no healthy planet, there is no future for the human race.

Eco Market

Meet the faces behind this initiative! Zen D'Amato Gautum - Founder and Director (top left), Tamsin Caruana - Market Manager (bottom left), Marta KurzyƄska - Project Manager (top right) and Majbritt Kristensen - Consultant (bottom right)


To find out more about this initiative visit https://ecomarketmalta.wordpress.com