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A survey of a number of businesses carried out by MISCO gave a better indication of where businesses in Gzira stand in terms of the Sustainable Development Goals and what they are doing to have a more sustainable business model and community.

Gzira SDG Awareness

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A number of business meetings with local stakeholders were held with the support of the Gzira Local Council. In these meetings, a number of local issues were discussed, including those related to traffic, parking, construction, and communication among the parties involved.

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Recently, MIDI, together with the Gzira Local Council, signed a Guardianship Deal that established a non-profit foundation to ensure Manoel Island's heritage buildings, foreshore, as well as green spaces, are restored and safeguarded for the whole community. For more information, kindly follow this link: Foundation set up to safeguard Manoel Island’s green spaces, heritage buildings, and foreshore

On the 27th of April, CORE Platform and SOS Malta, with the support of the Gzira Local Council, organised a workshop at the Blubay Apartments in Gzira. The major points that came out include the need for better partnership between all stakeholders in Gzira and the need to address more effectively the heavy influx of foreigners in the locality. The stakeholders need to find a way to make the Gzira community more inclusive for these foreigners.

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