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Mandatory Civic Service For All Maltese Residents: Small Party Has An Idea To Promote Sense Of Duty

'Residents and citizens alike must realise that along with rights come certain responsibilities

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Partit Demokratiku has boldly proposed a mandatory civic conscription service for Maltese citizens and residents in a move it said will promote the national interest ahead of the partisan interests of political parties.

MEP candidate Martin Cauchi Inglott, a retired colonel, said a national volunteer programme should be set up whereby people are taught skills, traditional arts and crafts and made to participate in programmes to plant and water indigenous trees, rebuild rubble walls and clean up the countryside, look after those in need and safeguard Maltese heritage.

“It is imperative that residents and citizens alike realise that along with rights come certain responsibilities,” he said.

The PD’s deputy leader Timothy Alden said this programme should be voluntary but incentivised through light tax incentives.

“A national volunteer programme could foster a greater sense of community and make it easier for pensioners and youths alike to put their energy towards a good cause,” he said.

Several countries have systems of mandatory or voluntary conscription, and it has become more popular in Europe in recent year, with France reintroducing it and Italy’s deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini proposing its reintroduction too.

More information can be found by accessing this link: https://lovinmalta.com/news/mandatory-civic-service-for-all-maltese-people-small-party-has-an-idea-to-promote-sense-of-duty?fbclid=IwAR2CW5p_Gr7n_1-feAJQp9w0bXoJFsamivZMpqwgcq7rr7ncJuXj263hvSQ